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Jackson Browne: “If I Could Be Anywhere” — a song for Mission Blue

A year ago this week, Mission Blue Voyage set sail. This TED Prize-inspired trip brought together scientists, activists and funders around one of the biggest issues we face: how to stop the degradation of the ocean. Read Chris Anderson’s report on what was accomplished onboard Sylvia Earle, when making her TED Prize wish, asked us to use all means at our disposal to spread the word. Jackson Browne, onboard the National Geographic Endeavor, began writing this song. And he finished in time for TEDxGreatPacificGarnage Patch, a November conference that focused on plastic pollution in the oceans and on land (watch Van Jones’ talk from TEDxGPGP).
On the anniversary of Mission Blue Voyage, we’re thrilled to present this beautiful song from Jackson Browne.…

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Ted Danson Talks Ocean Conservation

by Brian Clark HowardPublished on March 21st, 2011

Affable, funny and extremely knowledgeable about ocean science, Danson makes a compelling spokesperson for ocean conservation. Photo: Gloria Dawson

In pre-interviews for last April’s Heart of Green Awards, Ted Danson joked with the staff of The Daily Green that he wanted to call his upcoming book Danson on Water. Well, the book has just arrived, though the final title isOceana: Our Endangered Oceans and What We Can Do to Save Them.
Produced in association with the nonprofit advocacy group Oceana, the book is stunning, filled with spectacular color photos, wonderful illustrations, heartwarming vignettes and lots of celebrity and expert testimonies from the likes of Sylvia Earle, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Philippe Cousteau, Jr. and Spanish sea captains.…

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Exploring the Deep

Marine biologist Sylvia Earle Photo: Kip Evans

Oceanographer Sylvia Earle talks about working on the movieOceans.BY CLAUDIA ATTICOT
Travel into the deep blue sea where only scientists and oceanographers go! In Disneynature’s Oceans, filmmakers take viewers inside the undersea world of the great white shark and the horse mackerel. Viewers witness the slow march of hundreds of thousands of crabs and get to swim alongside dozens of exotic creatures.
The movie, which was shot at more than 50 different locations, involved two years of planning and four years of filming. Oceanographer Sylvia Earle worked as an advisor on the movie. TFK chatted with Earle about the movie and her thoughts about Earth Day.
TFK: How did you get involved in the movie Oceans?…

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