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Sylvia Earle: Oceans at risk because of ‘luxury tastes’

Sylvia Earle spoke to Stephen Sackur at the Editorial Intelligence conference in Portmeirion, in North Wales.

“The world renowned American oceanographer, Sylvia Earle, is convinced that our seas, and therefore our planet, are in grave peril. But how can she convince the world to take notice of a global threat which is invisible to most of us?”
To watch the full discussion on BBC World News click here. Re-posted from BBC News.…

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Kip Evans Featured in Bay Crossings

Kip Evans, Director of Expeditions for SEA will have his documentary “A Wave of Change” featured at the SF Ocean Film Festival, taking place March 9-13, 2011. In a short interview Kip shared his thoughts on our troubled ocean:

“The ocean is in serious trouble right now. If you consider that 50 percent of the world’s coral reefs are in trouble and that there are growing problems of ocean acidification, overfishing and many other issues, you will see that we need to act now—we are running out of time,” said Kip Evans, filmmaker for A Wave of Change, one of the films highlighted in the MPA-focused program. “As a filmmaker, I want to highlight the positive steps that are being taken, actions that precipitate significant change.…

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