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Who is Mission Blue?

Mission Blue operates as an innovative, multi-year global alliance with multi-sector participation. Players from government, for-profit, media, education, conservation and other sectors coalesce on an ongoing basis with the goal of building collaborations and taking actions to increase global awareness about the urgent ocean crisis and reverse the decline of the ocean’s health….
Mission Blue is looking to accelerate the sharing of new ideas and knowledge, implement working solutions, and develop relationships—like those highlighted in the interview with Lorenzo—before time runs out….
Lorenzo Rosenzweig talks about the changing nature of collaboration in marine conservation and how FMCN and MAR Leadership are playing their part.

Find out more about what FMCN is doing to contribute to Marine Conservation at and…

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Chile Creates Large Marine Reserve at Sala y Gómez Island

Re-Posted From NATGEO News Watch & Oceana

The Chilean government announced the creation of a large marine reserve around tiny and remote Sala y Gómez island in the Pacific ocean. The Waitt Foundation, Oceana, and National Geographic mounted a March 2010 expedition to document marine diversity in waters surrounding the island. The government’s move represents a more than 100-fold increase in the expanse of Chile’s marine protected areas.Sala y Gómez island. © OceanaClick here to read the full article on the NATGEO siteClick here to red the full article on the Oceana site…

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A Toast! A Toast! To the First Ocean Census!

Serving as the Toastmistress for the Census of Marine Life’s Celebration at the Royal Academy of Sciences in London, Dr. Sylvia Earle applied her considerable knowledge, wit and wisdom to both a tribute to participants and a celebration of accomplishment. Following is her poetic toast:

First . . . .

A salute to Fred Grassle, with vision ambitious,

A dream, an idea, to census the fishes!

Another, with courage– remember him well.

The one, the only – Jesse Ausubel.

But fishes alone were not enough.

The sea, after all, is alive with stuff.

What about urchins, sea stars and snails?

What of the microbes, the kelp, the whales?

It sounds, at first, slightly outrageous.

But the idea caught on – it was contagious!…

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