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Oil Disaster Threatens Baby Turtles’ Food

From Florida Today
While researchers scoop up endangered sea turtles coated in oil in the Gulf, a scientist warns that this summer’s fragile turtle hatchings could choke on tiny tar balls as they feed off the Space Coast.
Blair Witherington of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission in Melbourne returned recently from working with a federal and multistate team to rescue turtles. They captured 64, mostly a species called Kemp’s Ridley, which is among the rarest in Florida.
Back on the Atlantic side, the worry is more about loggerheads that nest here in some of the highest numbers in the world.
As the eggs hatch in the coming weeks, the baby turtles must head immediately to sea, where they swim as many as 25 miles to feed on Sargassum seaweed along the Gulf Stream.…

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Philippe Cousteau and Sylvia Earle to Speak at TEDxOilSpill

From the TEDxOilSpill blog:We are honored to announce that undersea experts Philippe Cousteau and Sylvia Earle will be speaking at TEDxOilSpill on June 28 in Washington, DC.
As a member of the legendary Cousteau family, Philippe is continuing the work of his father through EarthEcho International, the non-profit organization he founded with his sister and mother and of which he serves as CEO. Philippe was the first person to dive into the Gulf oil spill, witnessing first hand the damage being done, and he has played a central role in bringing attention to the ongoing disaster.
For the full article…click here…

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